Ornamental paneling with secure stained glass

25 June 2017

Ornamental paneling with secure stained glass

Ornamental paneling with secure stained glass

A modern alternative to classical stoneware tiles which have been used for years in covering kitchen walls. More and more designers give up on covering the walls with tiles in the interior design projects for extremely modern kitchens and bathrooms, in favor of colored glass panels, considering them to be extremely beautiful and spectacular.

There are many advantages offered by glass paneling, among which we can mention: the great variety of colors and shades (normally, besides the basic colors, the stained glass panel producers have the possibility to produce them in any chromatic version, from the lightest to the darkest shades, from simple colors to metallic irisations), unique design (if you are not satisfied with simple glass panels, painted in one color, you have the option of choosing digitally printed glass with multicolored drawings and images which reflect your personality and, at the same time, decorate your kitchen in a unique style), high ability to reflect light (unlike the regular stoneware tiles, ornamental paneling from stained glass can contribute to the visual enlargement of a small kitchen due to the fact that glass reflects light very well), the ideal dimension, the perfect surface, immaculate finish (due to the fact that glass panels are made from one piece without the need to fill the parting and the joints because they do not exist, the wall that is covered this way remains perfectly smooth), easy to clean and take care of (ornamental glass panels are as easy to take care of as any window with the help of spray solutions for windows).

Source: www.casadex.ro

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